Generics Preview

Generics is the most profound of┬áchanges envisaged in Tiger. Greg Travis has this nice preview on it. In summary Generics offer the following advantages as per Greg: Better compile-time type checking: With generics, the type casting is implicit in the instantiation you are using, and it’s done at compile-time. By using a particular instantiation, you […]

Faulty Comments Tag in RSS Feed

JRoller provides the RSS feed for blogs hosted here. From the aggregators I have recently noticed that the comments tag in the XML generated does not point to the right URL for example for this post of mine the comments tag is being displayed as follows: while it should be formed as under: I am […]

Tomcat as NT Service

I recently received a query from Zena Sam based on one of my post at Javaranch on installing Tomcat as a Service. She writes: I have seen your post about Tomcat Service in Javaranch site. I looked at the posts…am trying to a similar thing what you have tried to…call a batch file from Wise […]

Gosling coming to India

The Java “pitru-purush” (father figure), James Gosling will be on his maiden India visit this week. He would be here to participate in the Sun Tech Days, taking place on May 20-21 at Hyderabad. The theme for this year is “Turning Ideas into Innovation”. It should be a grand event as there are almost 3 […]

Cal ho na ho

Are you aware of any date in history when nothing, absolutely nothing happened, literally? Well I was not aware of it and the answer unexpectedly came from Unix. On the Unix prompt if you do a ‘cal 9 1752’ you get the following calendar. The missing days owe it to the Gregorian Reformation when the […]

Using Antenna with Netbeans

There has been a lot of buzz around Antenna, an Ant add-on for J2ME applications. Why! Can’t I use Ant for this? You very well can, but Antenna elevates many Ant tasks that are peculiar to J2ME, for instance: updating the JAD for the correct JAR size, a task that doesn’t matter as long as […]