The chunked problem

One of the J2ME applications I had been involved in emerged with a big problem when tested for boundary conditions. When the client was sending less than 2048 bytes, the server was able to handle it correctly. The content-length header was being set in the client correctly and was available at the server. The J2ME […]

Technical conscience?

When I first saw the link to the gruesome video showing American contractor Nicholas Berg being beheaded in Iraq at Jihva's I had expressed my anguish over the internet rage such videos become in a jiffy. I wondered on what makes the Internet fraternity to happily pass on the links to such gruesome videos (I […]

Simplicity is the key

If there is one thing that has undisputedly emerged as the winner at Elections 2004, it is the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). A country where 35% people are still illiterate, yet a country regarded as a super-power in IT manpower, infact a country with all kind of contradictions voted in this elections entirely through EVMs, […]

Can I say something about Gmail too?

Though I am a man with strong prejudices and the 1 GB thing might have blinded me but still here is my 2 paise on the features I liked about GMail: The scripting that lets the Reply/Forward text areas open almost instantly with an option to open them as new windows. If you liked the […]

CEO Speak

Last year I interviewed the CEOs of few prominent IT companies located in my city. Though very cursory, the interviews do provide an insight in to the minds of the top management of these IT companies that are running low-key development centers at cities less prominently visible on the IT map of the country. To […]

Tiger Released

The buzz must be stale by now, but Tiger (JDK 1.5) is out. Gosling excitedly terms Generics, the ability to parameterize a type, as the big one. As everybody knows by now, JDK1.5 is probably the last big change to Java after JDK1.2 which saw the arrival of Swing and new Collections API. I am […]