Cheese on the Moon

I really envy these guys having fun at work. Based on the Google Maps they have a funsite called Google Moon featuring the NASA pictures of Man's 1969 landing on the Moon. As for the “cheese” in the title of this post, look closer 🙂

Free Sun Certified Java Associate exam

Just heard about this new Sun certification exam. The beta version of the exam, with a whopping 122 questions to be answered in 3 hours, is being offered free from June 20 for a month. I am not sure why Sun went for this, an exam for entry level programmers and IT managers with just […]

Here now, gone tomorrow?

Atleast this is what Google groups (beta) opines. Once you make a post, the resulting page makes you unsure whether the post will make it to the archives. Or am I sounding too British 😉

Blog strolling – 2

Java's friendly mascot Duke has got a blog too. Indic threads has a 3 part skinny on J2SE 5.0 Bus Service to Pakistan. Oh no not again! I am sick and tired of these gimmicks. “some countries“ sweet Patil saheb! India ki diplomacy da jawab nahin!

Hard Where?

Getting tired of my Celeron with 32 MB RAM and 10 GB hard disk (yes I was surviving on that) I have almost made up my mind to go for a new PC under exchange. Pentium P-IV with 512 MB DDR RAM, 80 GB HDD (Hynx). But I have two problems, being new at Pune […]

Maintenance projects and DPs

Not many developers get the opportunity to be part of a project through the entire SDLC. For many people who are working on maintenance project, where the product is already there, the developer is usually involved only in bug-fixing or minor enhancements. Having been involved in a few, I have always wondered on the question, […]