Getting tired of my Celeron with 32 MB RAM and 10 GB hard disk (yes I was surviving on that) I have almost made up my mind to go for a new PC under exchange. Pentium P-IV with 512 MB DDR RAM, 80 GB HDD (Hynx).

But I have two problems, being new at Pune I am not aware of the right places to ask quotes and secondly I am not too sure on the exact difference (in terms of performance and upgradeability) between Pentium-IV 2.4 GHz (Prescot) and Pentium-IV 2.8 GHz (HT, L2 Cache: 520) , the price difference is a substantial Rs.6500. Can anybody, who have recently gone for such configuration or read any recent benchmark at Chip or Digit, guide me to the information?

Update: Tight on budget I finally settled for a P-IV 2.4GHz with 845 GV Chipset Motherboard, price difference was quite a lot 🙂 the only consolation being a bigger (17″) monitor, Artis 1000W speakers with subwoofer and DVD Combo.