Hard Where?

Getting tired of my Celeron with 32 MB RAM and 10 GB hard disk (yes I was surviving on that) I have almost made up my mind to go for a new PC under exchange. Pentium P-IV with 512 MB DDR RAM, 80 GB HDD (Hynx).

But I have two problems, being new at Pune I am not aware of the right places to ask quotes and secondly I am not too sure on the exact difference (in terms of performance and upgradeability) between Pentium-IV 2.4 GHz (Prescot) and Pentium-IV 2.8 GHz (HT, L2 Cache: 520) , the price difference is a substantial Rs.6500. Can anybody, who have recently gone for such configuration or read any recent benchmark at Chip or Digit, guide me to the information?

Update: Tight on budget I finally settled for a P-IV 2.4GHz with 845 GV Chipset Motherboard, price difference was quite a lot 🙂 the only consolation being a bigger (17″) monitor, Artis 1000W speakers with subwoofer and DVD Combo.

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  1. Hey, I think you did a big mistake by sacrificing the 2.8 GHz intel 865GBF with HT.
    I have had this config for the past 1 yr. Believe me man, it is superb. about the price diff of 6000+, believe me, for HT how much ever you pay it is less.
    hyper threading actually is equal to 2 processors each with 2.8 Ghz. yes, if you go to controlpanel/system/hardwareTAB/devicemanager and check under processor, it will show you 2 processors each running with 2.8 GHz. you missed it man.

  2. Hmmm, go with the 2.8 variant but I suggest looking into the 2.8 GHz presscot variant. Better choose your motherboard wisely with this since not all P4 mobo’s can make good use of an HT processor. Look at ASUS mobo’s, they’re respectable and also the intel board line performs quite well too (but I’d go with ASUS). If you’re on a tight budget, athlon can wreck the competition between price and performance. I’d go with athlon anytime, I’ve seen similar P4’s choke under demanding multimedia tasks where athlons just chugs through. All in all, the proper combination of components tops any brand youre considering, choose wisely 🙂

  3. I will surely go for the HT one. If you use one fo the new OSes like XP or Win 2003, they can work with HT to simulate a multi proc environement. Of course, this depends on the kind of work you do. If it is just gonna be blogging out of that machine, I suppose it does not matter, but if you do gaming or development using that machine, then HT sure helps.

  4. Not sure if it’s too late, but you may want to try one of two options. If you want a good cheap system from a respected company, Dell has very good prices on both new and refurbished units. My dad got a PIV 2.8Ghz, 512MB ram, 80GB Hd, DVD-RW, 128MB Video card for $500 or so shipped.

    The other option, which my neighbor has is an eMachines AMD Athlon 64 laptop with fast video card. I think they paid $1100 for it, or so, may be cheaper now they have had it for 8 months. Having a mobile Athlon 3200+ cpu is VERY nice! Their laptop is VERY fast, and while the latest 3D games wont play on it very well, you can play most modern games.. if you are into that. If not, you got a screaming machine that you can take anywhere and looks nice to boot. When ready, upgrade to the 64bit windows (when it comes out next year) and you got more performance for almost nothing. Or put a 64-bit linux version on it now, with a 64-bit JVM and you will have some nice stuff cooking.

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  6. I don’t believe you are working with 32 MB RAM!!

    Anyway, if you are cautious about prices, why don’t try rates of AMD Athlon XP maybe 2400+

    I got a new system few months ago and got good prices at GV Sales near MG Road.

    I have tested with movie compressing speed to AVI. My P IV (512 MB, 2.0 GHz) performs slower than my AMD Athlon 2000+ machine(1.67 GHz, 256 MB) both using 7200 rpm HDD

    Upgradation is never an issue because you will never get good price for older system. Instead I will keep it, upgrade RAM and install Linux on it!

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