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The Hawk arrives!

Better late than never! Atleast 4 more MIGs had crashed since I wrote this. The good news is efforts of the kins of Late Flt Lt Anil Gadgil who had lost life in a MIG crash at the political helms seem to have bore fruit. 20 years and more than 155 MIGs later the government […]

Jaitly or Shushma for PM?

I have given thought to this many times. Why hang-on to the concept of having ripe, aged politicians as Prime-Minister who could barely walk and talk. Without any offence to the eloquence of Vajpayee, methinks he has been too late to enter the office. We need a dynamic young persona for this post with charm […]

One way street to amity

Vajpayee went too ahead in accommodating Chinese sensibilities. When I wrote this I was convinced that the recent visit of Prime Minister Vajpayee to China was an occasion for haughty talks in Indian media. The recent revelation that Chinese had transgressed into Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh during his visit, on the grounds that the […]

MiG-21 Aircraft

Flying Coffins

Yet another MiG-21 Fighter aircraft crashed in Punjab. Luckily the pilot escaped unhurt. We have seen a spate of such crashes before. In fact, more than 150 Indian fighter planes have crashed in the past 10 years. Each aircraft costs about Rs 100 crore, the cost of the training of pilots is about Rs 23-45 […]

E-governance, where and for whom?

This piece originally appeared in my column ‘Reality Bytes’ in issue dated 14th Oct, 2002 of the Free Press Journal, an English daily published from Indore, India. In a recent seminar on “IT and communication challenges and opportunities in Madhya Pradesh” speakers, many of whom where amongst the who’s who of Indore’s IT fraternity, were […]

Might is right

A perfect case of how the people in power can use it for personal gains. Indian politics has been known for it. Leaders holding posts leave no stone unturned to take vendetta. (Tamilnadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha had publicly humiliated Karunannidhi by dragging him to Police station at midnight.) The way politicians set the tunes to […]