Tanmay is 1 year old today

Today is the first birthday of my son Tanmay. It is due to the little angel that I and Mitali were introduced to the joys, pressures, fun and responsibilities of parenting. Tanmay has ushered in a breeze of vitality and energy in our lives, infact he has tought us to relish the meaning of life […]

Blogs and Anonimity

Some blogger like Jivha want others to respect their anonimity. I agree with him. As for me I wish people do not co-relate anything that I say on my blog with my job or my employer. A mistake (now stands corrected) was mentioning my current employer in a post (in any case you can view […]

Another Chapter

A new workplace, new colleagues and a technology new to me, to explore and work on. Life is good 🙂 Kudos to the parting team, I owe you a lot. Thanks for all the affection and the learning experience. As for my new job, more details to follow once I settle down a bit.

Mumbai musings!

For those who still kept track of my blog despite of almost 2 weeks of absentia, thanks for watching the space. Last week has been pretty hectic for me as I got the opportunity to visit the Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City (DAKC) the collosal darbar of Reliance Empire, spread across 140-acres at Navi Mumbai. DAKC […]

My Japanese Name

Zulfikar pointed me to a link where you can find one's corresponding Japanese Name. Mine came as Debashishichikurabaruchi. Quite a tongue-twister!

Sleepy Tales!

Zulfikar has this interesting post on Sleep. We all know that different people need different amount of sleep. But managing its is certainly an art. During my college days when trying to have a siesta in my hostel room was next to impossible due to the noise and disturbances around, while my room partner would sleep like a […]