Nirantar April issue, on the browsers

The April issue of Nirantar was released on April 3, 2005. In this issue you may read: Mark Glaser's commentary on the recent Mediaah Blog TOI tussle An interview with Hemant Sharma, the lesser known author of the popular Hindi Unicode editor Tahkti Second part of the interesting series on using Firefox discusses ?Live Bookmarks? […]

Ulcerative Collitis: Need Information

Fellow bloggers and readers, though I avoid posting very personal posts here this one is an exception. My mother has been suffering from Stomach ulcer (Ulerative Collitis) since almost 1.5 years. Recently she was advised to undergo surgery (ileopouch anastomosis). If you know any body who has undergone such a surgery kindly let me know […]


Months of activity, loads of brickbats (ranging from bad template — despite the excellent work by Chugs, poor management, disagreement with the methodology, rigging at the polls, being partisan to Hindi blogdom right unto being pooh-poohed on my anonymity and bad English) and now a breeze of praises, organizing Indibloggies was arduous compared to the […]

Happy new year

Null Pointer wishes its readers and well wishers and their families a very happy and prosperous new year 2005.

More changes

IndiBlogs seem to be bitten by lethargy mites. Jivha quit blogging and I myself has not been averse to the burnout. Last month was pretty hectic and brought along upheavals that shook me up completely. When I joined my last employer I was convinced that now I want to settle down there. I and my […]

Sounds Grammar?

Readers, you have enough reasons for getting mad on me. Lately, I have not been posting nothing and then I had the courage to post the following, but the fact is I only feel like posting stuff like these. So bear with me (anyways, when you take the test yourself, you would feel a lot […]