Think before you write

I have been simply amazed by the IIPM episode and the happenings in the Indiblogdom for the past few days. While it cannot be denied that bloggers are supposed to remain united at times of distress such as this, especially when the episode took a bad turn and one of the vociferous blogger has to […]

Tanmay is 3 today

Today my son Tanmay is 3 years old. He and wife are with my parents and I wish I could hug him and wish him a very happy birthday. Hearty wishes son for a long, healthy and happy life. We love you very much!

Hindi blogs showcased on DesiPundit

Patrix, who wanted the group blog DesiPundit to have some desi flavor true to its name, was kind enough to invite me to be a co-blogger. I was keen on Anup doing it as he reads more Hindi blogs than I do and manages Chittha Charcha a monthly round up on the major happenings in […]

Copy I will

Almost a year back, I had reached this site of one Dheeraj Rathi from the referrer logs to my home page at geocities. Now, my homepage is not a work of art, yet it is one of my original works. So it was natural to get startled by Dheeraj''s site, as it was a copy […]

Nirantar July issue

The July issue of Nirantar is on the browsers now. Details are at Raman's blog post. Here are the highlights of the issue: Charukesi investigates the Fairness cream phenomenon Chandru recapitulates a day at an advertising agency Vinay Jain dissects the Hindi goodies hurriedly released last month, by the Communication and IT Ministry. All this […]

Nirantar's May Issue

The May issue of Hindi blogzine Nirantar is now on the browsers. In this issue you may read: “Kya aap tagging karte hain?” an interesting overview of the newly emerging “tag folksonomy”, post Technorati tags. If you have never tag-ged before this is the article to read. Nitin Pai awaits arrival of another Mahatma, this […]