The May issue of Hindi blogzine Nirantar is now on the browsers. In this issue you may read:

  • Kya aap tagging karte hain?” an interesting overview of the newly emerging “tag folksonomy”, post Technorati tags. If you have never tag-ged before this is the article to read.
  • Nitin Pai awaits arrival of another Mahatma, this time for an economic liberty.
  • Interview of Sahitya academy award winner author Giriraj Kishor where he talks about IIT Kanpur, Gandhiji and litertaure.
  • Purnima Burman reminisces the journey of online literary magazines “Anubhuti” and “Abhivyakti”.
  • Ravi reviews Kamleshwar's translation of “The Alchemist”.
  • Anup Shukla's Chittha Charcha joins the zine with monthly roundup of Indiblogdom.
  • All regular columns including the Samsya Purti competition where you can win Rebecca Blood's book “The weblog handbook”, Chug's link blog, news round-up, IndiBlog stats, Memoirs, Satires, Poems, Best Post of the month, Quotable Quotes, Puchhiye Fursatiya se, Photo feature showcasing Deepak Gulati and renowned photographer Devendra Sharma.

We are planning new things in the zine, including theme-based issue. The next issue of Nirantar would be a “WordPress Special” with interview, anecdotes, and articles. The July issue would be a “Water special”. We welcome your participation and suggestions.