They say Newspapers are the reflection of the society and I tend to agree. Last few years have seen the altered focus in news presentation in Print and electronic media, favoring crisper and quicker coverage rather than detailed next day coverage. Whilst we may have anticipated that the print media would focus more on news analysis and let the electronic media cater to the ?breaking news? segment, trendsetters like the Times of India have instead focused on vellicating news and gossiping.

However, the media is not to blame entirely; they are reacting to the changes taking around us. People are busy, spend lot of time on commuting and would like something brief to digest that?s not too noetic. One of the facets of changing content is the good old crossword. People already hated it when newspapers switched to Cryptic crosswords with irritatingly obvious answers. Now the newspapers are on to easier formats like the Sudoku which has gained much popularity this year. Sudoku has Japanese origin and is a placement puzzle and seems easier because you are not expected to be a logical wizard to solve it, what you need in abundance is patience. TOI and many other newspapers have started featuring Sudoku puzzles along with other similar puzzles. They are surely addictive and are gaining popularity probably because newspapers do not go for difficult ones and people can solve it in their spare time. Changing times!