Merger of WordPress and Textpattern

It’s the EOD at India and I noticed this stunning news of the merger of WordPress and Textpattern on my blog’s admin-dashboard and I was forced to click on the link. It struck me only when I visited, checked back Matt’s post date. It’s all great fun really, from the Wordpattern website to the first user’s blog that shows a novel kinda 404 error page. And yes, just before you proceed to download Wordpattern, don’t forget to visit the Legal page to decipher those “fine prints”. Matt made a fool out of me, almost.

Shunya : India’s Slashdot?

Shunya promises to bring news for Indian techies by Indian techies.

They say everything started from shunya (Sanskrit for absolute nothingness). And Shunya seems to be a good beginning for Indian techies. Move away Slashdot, Shunya claims to be the Indian Slashdot but would probably try to be different (“It started when slashdot rejected a story I submitted, as the story was not US centric”, said the founder in a mailing list). “News for Indian techies; by Indian techies”, this sure is a nice and innovative idea. I just hope it survives, prospers and more importantly, keeps a distance from the Slashdot subculture.