Asks Charu. Here is what I commented.

If we are talking about a surging stock market, which might be a short-lived and synthetic phenomenon , yes. But going by the same yard-stick was India shining while Harshad Mehta was reigning? India is not shining because our exports have suddenly amassed, but because of the fact that FDIs and NRIs have invested here owing to the better interest rates they get in India than in their own country. India is shining because rich people are growing more rich and buying more, for the common man kerosene and diesel prices have shot-up more than 5 times in the recent times. Are we rejoicing over the outsourcing lottery. Sorry to awake you people but the bubble of offshore jobs may burst again in the times where US is going to elections. India must be shining with increasing inflation rates and accruing unemployment. Off course BJP has a fair share of contribution to the “til-gud factor”, first they were the one to coin the term, Advani borrowed the idea from the catch-phrase of an apparel's advertisement campaign, and secondly for the good monsoon we had last.