JK is happy with the recent High court ruling that allows Coke to resume production at its Perumatty plant in Kerala even if it does not get a license. There is always the “other side” to the story. Unfortunately, commie bashing has become such a fashion that we offer our prejudiced view even before we appreciate the repercussions. Now here is a story that presents the “other side” of the coin (Disclaimer: I am just a regular subscriber to this site?s press releases).

To me this is another shameless instance of MNCs openly arm-twisting local interests using the crutches of law. Imagine someone digging a bore well in your backyard, dumping the waste in your area, draining your own water resources and then selling you their bottled products to you. People have been crying foul on these biggies polluting the groundwater resources and soil since years. When V.R. Krishna Iyer, a former Supreme Court judge accuses Coke of 'bench shopping' a favorable judgment, it is not as simple as it seems.