I was not quite aware of how many readers have subscribed to this blog through Email. Today I checked Bloglet and found that there are 50+ readers who have subscribed, but as usual, Bloglet indicated that the emails were not being sent lately.

Bloglet’s has been one of the most unique and pioneering service, but apart from long unexplained down times the biggest problem with their free service has been – its conflict with the feeds, for instance it was never able to read JRoller RSS feed and kept on throwing the error “String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.” I remember having logged this bug but it remains unattended to date.

Today I came across FeedBlitz, a similar service. The thing that I obviously liked was it allowed me to import all the Bloglet subscriptions. Another virtue: it recognizes Atom Feeds, a feature that Bloglet lacked, so I can now have the email subscribers to my Hindi blog, hitherto depending on the Yahoo groups service, back to this system perhaps. Feel sad to say, but so long Bloglet!