Google introduces Blog search

We should have seen this coming after Technorati brought in their Blog Search feature. Now Google has “Blog Search” tool for the blogs, without the pain of tagging your blog. As always, you can notice the detail to which they go. The “search options” lets you search a particular blog (or multiple blogs), even a blog post using its permalink or within a date range. The Advanced search option gives you whatever you can ask for; search for posts in a particular language, by an author, safe search and so on.

Brilliant work, that would certainly delight the users around the world!

Update: I learnt that the search works of all blogs that have a feed and not just blogs.

Better than Google?

Now this may not be too geeky but Google Total gives you what it promises, all Google services at one place, sort of wrapper for the real Google if you will. No need to click on various tabs, all Google goodies are available in the drop-down list. Probably, Pune based Anil hated toolbars as much as I do. Interesting thing is: the site is hosted at May this survive the wrath of the behemoth!

Technorati's Blog Finder

Technorati has come up with another good service called Blog Finder that can let you search for blogs as per categories or subjects, as tagged by the blog-owners. IMHO the tagging part should have been a moderated affair, current system will have all the drawbacks of tagging. This could do well for blogs that do not have categories, like the Blogger blogs. As of now Technorati (and I know this using their BlogPostTag API) used to regard the categories in blog systems such as WordPress as default tags. Now I am not influenced by the bashing Technorati has been getting lately, but frankly, I would still prefer Google to search for blogs on a subject. [Source]