On the Holi eve, NDTV India had Prasoon Joshi, the man behind the Coke campaign, speaking on the advent of humour in advertisement on the Indian telly. He cited that people today wish for “instant gratification” and “entertainment everywhere”, hence the campaigns such as “Kya aap close-up karte hain?“, Alpenliebe's (the jingle so reminiscent of S.D.Burman). Besides humour I see a distinct mix of retro in these commercials, jingles being sung in archaic Hindi filmi-style. Look at the costumes and hairdo in these advertisements, bell-bottoms are back. Alpenliebe's set looks like the typical middle-class home straight from a Satyajit Ray flick. What's more Karan Johar's latest movie “Kal ho na ho” has a song bringing back the memories of disco, the popular dance music of late 70s. Have we come full circle?