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Pessimistic Java

Extreme Programming (XP) founder Kent Beck quips in an interview: “Java is so pessimistic. You have this compiler saying–I'm not sure this program isn't going to run so I won't run it.–I find that attitude disturbing in a program. I notice that the safety in pessimistic languages is an illusion.”

Infrastructure improvement should be top priority of MP government: Arun Maheshwari

Not many Indorians may be aware that Indore is home to one of the largest software and services companies in the world 25% of whose sales go to the US Government. A CMM Level-5 company, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) India Pvt. Ltd., ably steered by its Managing Director, President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Arun […]

Microsoft: Hard Community Policy

Arjun Ram says Microsoft has been doing the community stuff better and much earlier than Many company employees have a blog now. Mary Jo Foley tells that “Microsoft has no official policy on corporate blogging”. She has carried these comments made by Microsoft employee Scoble in his blog: I think executives who weblog (particularly […]

Persuasive Computers

William Grosso has an interesting post on Captology . The basic notion here is that, similar to human persuaders, computers and other technological devices can be employed to persuade people to do things by subtly rewarding “correct behaviours”. In the picture alongside, Captology describes the area where computing technology and persuasion potentially overlap. This is fun. I […]

"this" is no good!

Eric Burke has a very sound advice against using “this” in your Java code, an advice against the conventions. Prefixing object field references with “this”, says Eric, clutters up code and may indicate too much complexity. “If you really need to differentiate local variables from object fields, consider prefixing your object fields with “_” or some other […]

Project Rave

Sue Spielman has some more details on Project Rave. The key phrase here is “simplified development model”,  in accordance with Sun’s aim of  “lowering the barrier and entry point for the corporate developers” and “sucking up the VB corporate/IT programmers into the Java platform”. It’s another thing that, as Sue reported, a 404 error surfaced during Hammerhead’s demo at […]