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An age thing?

God! Today I got some time to jot down and was shocked to see that I haven't blogged for almost 12 days. A blogger's block? Anyways… I took a look at an interview of JavaGuru Bruce Eckel pointed here. I have been particularly averse to frequently changing IDE for Java. I received my training on […]

Problem with Netbeans

On Saturday I had a little scuffle with Netbeans. A week ago I had upgraded to ver 3.5. Menwhile my system administrator changed the network domain my XP machine was on and then the spate of problems began. Actually (and I don't know if it was a wrong thing) I forgot to copy the .netbeans […]

Email with a difference

Joel found out this interesting (it is an old post so you might already have read that) free mail service with a difference. It's called Mailinator. You don't need to sign up here. The service is meant to ditch the spammers, just pick up any and you can check your mail at this account […]

Primer: Difference between javac and JIT

Are Java compiler (javac) and JIT one and the same thing? Is you answered Yes, then read on. Long back I was asked this in an interview and (alas) I had replied in affirmative. Jos Horsmeier gave the following reply to my question at Javaranch at that time (I am glad I saved it in […]

Javaranch Wiki

Javaranch has a Wiki now aimed to “collectively develop a high quality, knowledge base of Java topics”. It's searchable and is based on Friki, a Java web application deployable on any modern servlet container or application server. I have very regard for Javaranch, it helped me a lot during my SCJP preparations. I hope the […]

The outsourcing vulnerability

Happened to read the venom spit by Sue Spielman (through Werner Ramaekers). Frustated of a grievance redressal reply for a faulty Symantec product, presumably routed through an Indian call-center, Ms Sue took a crap at outsourching of IT jobs to Indian Companies. It is amply clear from the comments made on her blog that the […]