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Java Interview Questions2

Just stumbled upon few of the Ranch posts I had participated in. At that time I was looking for some good interview questions on Java (unfortunately very few were available with answers) and thought why not start answering them. Unfortunately some of the threads did not proceed. I feel like I could revive these, any […]

RSS Problem

It happened today again. My posts were not showing up at Javablogs for long so curiously I clicked on the link to my RSS feed and found that the XML was all messed up. It had happened in the past too and the problem would mostly occur if I use apostrophe in my post (though […]

List of DSNs

Does anybody know a way to display a list of available DSNs using Java code? Is using JNI the only way out?

Strong infrastructure a must to market MP as IT destination: Avinash Sethi

India’s software industry is reaching its adolescence and facing challenges from several directions. Price isn’t the only issue anymore, customers are demanding more sophisticated services while multinational competitors like IBM and Accenture have been nipping at their heels. Debashish Chakrabarty talked to Avinash Sethi, co-founder of Indore based software firm Infobeans to know the challenges a middle-sized company based at a lesser known location faces.

Cool Stuff

Thanks Matt Quail for the pointer to Cool Stuff. To quote from the site: Developed but not released for commercial use, these golden nuggets of technology, code and concepts are now being made available to Sun's developer community.

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright!

Javaranch features a nice poem (actually a spoof on “The Tiger” by William Blake) authored by Joshua Bloch which he recited at the 2003 JavaOne conference. Tiger, Tiger Burning BrightLike a geek who works all nightWhat new-fangled bit or byteCould ease the hacker's weary plight?