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Ethnic blogging and Bangla

If any award were to be given for regional language blogs in India, I have little doubt that the Tamil Blogs would emerge as the deserving winners. Just look at their magnitude. I am not aware exactly how many of them are in Unicode but I believe that majority of them are. Apart from opening-up...

Guest post on Nukta Chini

Nitin Pai of “The Acorn” has written this fortnight's guest post for my Hindi Blog. You can read it here. Thanks Nitin!

Guest Post on Nukta Chini

Charu very kindly agreed to do a guest-post (surprise.. surprise, in Hindi) for my Hindi Blog. Read it here..P.S. I plan to have it as a fortnightly feature, so if you wish to do a guest-post in Hindi, do drop a comment here or send an email.

Equal Opportunity, My foot!

Many, if not most, of us might have gotten rejected at interviews and recruitment processes. While rejection itself is reason enough for one to brood over and blame the selection process or the employer, I had tried on such occasions to sit for a while and put myself in recruiters shoe to analyze what might...