Hindustan times' ePaper

News paper giant Hindustan times has come up with a new ePaper concept. The catch is, it is a premium, subscription based content where they promise the replica of the print edition would be available online even before it would reach regular reader's doorstep. The concept is one coined by Bodhtree who are apparently servicing other publication groups as well.

Honestly, I find such moves fairly stupid. The only plus it seems to offer (for people accustomed to reading online) is the keyword search. Now, with Google news, that hunts on headlines from news papers all over, even that is an overhead. IMHO, for the rustic feel there is no substitute to the print medium. As I have to leave early for work, I miss my morning skimming but I always compensate it with a cozy evening read, even though I subscribe to various newsfeeds. Also, as far as I know, a similar venture of the India Today group never saw the light of the day.

Google Suggest and other things

Joel pointed to Google Suggest, another incredible offering from the guys who always think different. I agree with Joel when he says that “Google is very publicly raising the bar on the quality of interfaces that people will expect from web pages.” What inspires me is the approximate number of search results displayed along side the suggested search term, result of the XML HTTP Request magic.

Among other things, voting is on (and it seems would be on for a long time) for the New 7 wonders. Emails from patriotic Indians all over are already doing the rounds. Do your bit to give the Taj it's due.

Blog strolling -1

With most of the bloggers being IT professionals and students (I seem to be too sure on that), it is a refreshing change to see a lady “criminal psychologist” blogging. Thenga, Manga, Pattani, Sundal is the blog I stumbled upon recently (though I didn't quite get the need of having another blog with the same name but different username even if “Ethnic-chiclet” sounds cool..). The author seems to experience the same quandary every blogger goes through at the beginning, says she in her maiden post:

I cannot decide if I want to have an online journal, the kind that mimic the teenage cutesy highly private diaries (with the cheesy key and the corny poem on the first page that warned all intruders of dire consequences) or the more mature blog. Somehow, blog seems like a weighty word, as if it should contain deep, heavy words that speak of profound issues.

A comment on my last post, brought me to Vijay Bhaskar's Ripples with a rear view,  nice name for a blog and must say..sporting one of the sexiest blog-banners I have seen. Also check out Parth Pandya's Salilowkey.