They had a choice to go for a CEO or choose another able(?) Chief Minister and people of Andhra Pradesh settled for the latter. The recipe of advances in the IT, economic reforms hardly mattered for 80% of the people who were dealing with abject poverty and lack of development. IT has been a pure urban revolution and who cares for such phenomenon when you are not promised your daily meal and basic amenities. Like Digvijay Singh, the erstwhile chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, the seemingly progressive image of TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu was a faltering shadow of similar issues. With no roots at the grass-root and intoxicated by power he was getting oblivious of the power of the people. Issues of Nizamabad emerged stronger than the conern for Cyberabad. While I am not making out too much for Congress in Loksabha from these results, BJP in any case had negligible presence in South, it is good to see that the janata still has the ability to think for its own good and turn the tables when it is needed. Murky or not, I agree that the water in the political swimming pool needs to be changed every 5 years just to ensure the health of a democracy. And when it comes to deciding on which is needed more, the chip or the chapati, people for whom survival itself is a daily battle to wage, know which way to go for.