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Silicon India’s networking ploys

Silicon India spammingSo your newly launched social network couldn’t garner any notice from any quarter? You tried spamming those millions of mail IDs you grabbed for few dollars from Tanzania. You even spent a fortune on PR and lured some blogger friends to sing praises for you. But it didn’t work. Your network still is just another of those zillions of networks that have mushroomed around, and its nowhere near becoming famous, ever. And then it strikes you. And you try to entice me by sending invites from good looking (so they think) girls? Hmmm! How low can you go pal?

By Debashish Chakrabarty

Debashish Chakrabarty, a Software Consultant based at Pune, has been on the Internet since the “geocities” days but opened his Blogger account in October 2002. Apart from this blog he also maintains a Hindi blog NuktaChini.

8 replies on “Silicon India’s networking ploys”

of course, whats more interesting is when you click on “Yes” or “No” for do you want to accept her invitation, they both go to the same link.

This is so true. Every once in a while, I receive an invite from a good looking girl with a cool looking profile inviting me to join silicon india..

whats more is that I have never known any of the girls that send me the invite.
How come there are no guys??

This is really low. Anyway these invites have now been configured to go directly to spam.

(of course, sometimes the girls are really pretty, so its good to see the mail and then trash it.. but I’ve had it now).

I too am a victim of this spamming. Twice a week i receive email from some good looking young chick requesting me to add her on my silicon India network. I have never joined silicon India website nor have visited. Efforts to unsubscribe have so far resulted in NOTHING.

RICHA: DO you have any response for my post? [Posted from IP:]

I’ve been getting several emails a month from Silicon India. They are absolutely shameless. Their so-called “opt-out” link actually adds you to their mailing list. I’ve verified this by creating several dummy accounts with random strings as user names, and sure enough, the Silicon India babes start arriving into that mailbox.

Are they that dumb that they think that we’re that dumb that only pretty young girls use their linkedin/facebook/myspace wannabe? (Posted from IP Address:

I agree that Silicon India is spamming us silly, twice a week I get email invites from ‘decent’ looking girls to join the network, I do not know these people inviting me even a few degrees removed and unsubscribing etc. does not work!!

Best part is, I am not in any way related to the IT industry, they have harvested emails and are emailing the database unsolicited, the worst tactics a ‘legit’ company can apply.

Dear Richa, while you are at it spamming the world, why not try selling them weight loss pills, stock market tips etc. and complete the profile of silicon India. (Posted from IP Address:

Dear Richa,

I am glad to have received a decent comment this time. For last two days I received at least two comments on this post and on my Flickr ID which seemed to suggest that I hold a grudge against Silicon India or that your rivals planted the stories by paying me (one of them published above). Hell they don’t know that I have no such affiliations.

Do you really want to know what’s the problem with Silicon India really? They are spamming like hell. I receive at least 2-3 mails every week from them, though I never ever registered there or visited the site. I tried clicking that un-subscription link several times but to no avail. In fact I have noted that most of the social networking sites are using the unsubscribe option to ascertain the validity of mail IDs. The more I click on such links the more spam I get. The mails from Silicon India come every time from different mail ids, each time accompanied with photos of good looking girls, obviously fictitious profiles created on the site. How am I wrong to read this as “enticing”, do enlighten me.

I have been opposing plagiarism and spamming from start ups like yours for many years now, do browse through my blog to know more about this, and I will continue to expose such companies lest they realize and mend their ways.

I hope that Silicon India’s PR, instead of trying to “settle account” it with me using indecent comments and accusing me in turn, would take this as a constructive criticism and take necessary actions to prevent spamming.

Hi Debashish,

This is Richa from I am sorry to know that you are annoyed by us. But if you could state clearly the problem faced by you from siliconindia, we can try to come out with a solution to it. I feel you have some misconception about siliconinidia. is a professional networking site ,which acts a platform to bring global professionals under one head,to share their knowledge and experience to benefit each other mutually.

Apart from this we do conduct various events in Bangalore, last month we conducted “mentorship meet”. Where in industry professional had direct interaction with apprentices and guided them in framing their career and cleared their career related doubts. Last week we conducted we conducted job fair exclusively for fresher apart from our normal job fairs which are only for experienced techies.

These are few of the work conducted by now your image about has changed to some extend. You can mail me back at richa at


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Looks like some one from Bharat Student or other networking site trying to spread bad word of mouth about SiliconIndia……the site offers lot of useful stuff any professional would like to get associated with like news, blogs, jobs etc to mention few.

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