WATBlog reports that Opera website has introduced a Hindi microsite. Looking at their website I wonder if what I was reading is Hindi indeed. “ओपेरा व्यवहार सबंधीय सुझाव एँव चालाकियोँ जानने के लिये ओपेरा समुह से मिलेँ”, If I ignore the punctuation mistakes, the phrase loosely translated back to English would mean, “To know Opera related suggestions and cleverness meet the Opera group”. I don’t think this is what they really meant 😉

These people are using the same kind of Hindi that had almost killed it and that still makes people using it, feel awkward. They must understand that heavyweight sarkaari terminologies like “Adhibharan” doesn’t work and “Download” written in Hindi makes a better sense.

If only they had just browsed through the Hindi blogs and a few Hindi news mediums to get an idea. But then, all such organizations offload translation work to unknown companies where computer illiterates translate word-to-word with dictionaries by their side and without caring if anybody would ever read their work. Frustrating really!