is one of the most popular free Java hosting services that I have been using since long. Two years back Javalobby had revived the erstwhile mycgiserver (with much fanfare) when its founder Horst was planning to end the show. The service was renamed under the flagship of Javalobby and seemed to do well.

However, last month’s activities at the site indicates that Rick has probably lost his interest in the effort. Since last month the sites’ services have had technical hiccups, most of the sites, including Chittha Vishwa, a Hindi blog aggregator, throw errors (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class and scores of people have been registering their complaints but to no avail. Javalobby’s Mathew acknowledged that the problem appear post upgrade to JDK1.6 with Resin not being able to find the new javac but was non-committal, “We’ll look into whether we can get it fixed.” And perhaps that’s the reason the problem hasn’t been fixed till date.

People like me who use the “free” service obviously cannot demand much but it is painful to see the excellent service languish this way. If Javalobby has really lost interest, I would have appreciated a candid formal announcement.