Living in wonderland

I am always surprised by the media-frenzy that builds up even if the stalled vehicle of Indo-Pak talks manages to crawl an inch further and almost all the times backtracks many more inches later. For God's sake judge the scenario with a fair mind. Mian Musharraf will perhaps only risk his life from Islamic hardliners […]

A dependable friend!

Jivha thanked Bhutan for its military action against the insurgents including the ULFA outfits. As I commented on his blog, diplomatically we can read more than a “friendly” gesture here. Indian stature for SAARC countries resembles very much the American stature in the UN. India is the “local dada” here, reason why Pakistan is acting […]

Sanyasin is CM, CM is Sanyasi

The magic of Ballot has unfolded in Madhya Pradesh. The sansyasin (or sadhwi, whatever) Uma Bharti is destined to become the next Chief Minister of my home-state Madhya Pradesh and the defeated CM Digvijay Singh (incidentally called Diggi “Raja”) will take a political Sanyas, if words must be kept. What an irony! The confident-till-yesterday Diggi […]

Identity Crisis

The Indian states of Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh (MP), NCT of Delhi and Rajasthan are going for assembly polls tomorrow. Funnily, the MP Election commission has specified 16 ways to identify a voter. The list includes Ration card, Student ID card, The IT PAN card, Passprot, Driving license, Blue card for people below poverty line and […]

The spammer Chief-minister

Well these are election times and the other day I was wondering whether the political parties are considering email as a medium of canvassing. Today I received a spam from, as it is signed, Narendra Modi the Gujarat CM, as many of you also might have received. The mail has possibly been distributed using private […]

Walking straight in muddled waters

Seasons change, people change, mentalities change but these politicians, they never ever change. Come election times and you can see a wide array of gimmicks from them. They talk talk and talk but you can be sure that they won't talk any sense. Take Madhya Pradesh (MP). BJP has been vociferous in blaming the Chief […]