Pre poll deception

Praful Bidwai writes in his column about BJP's poll strategy: Vajpayee must pave the way for the 2 per cent-rating man to take over. The BJP knows Advani is like Dick Cheney, equally devious, but more rabble-rousing and demagogic, who cannot match Bush's ratings. Therefore, gullible sections of the public and the BJP's upper middle-class […]

Resonating Jibes – 2

Vir Sanghvi must be having a premonition that led him to jot very similar views in his column Indian Muslims and Pakistan that I expressed in this post in my Hindi blog about how BJP strategists think that the lollypop of Indo-Pak friendship can lure Muslim voters. However in his attempt to being non-partisan he […]

A Nation Betrayed?

Congress has a supposedly fitting reply to the India Shining campaign of BJP, they now have a website called A Nation Betrayed (website now defunct) which highlights the antonym; though I wonder what took so long to wake them up. Apparently the site is put up by a youth wing of the party indicating that […]

Is India Shining?

Asks Charu. Here is what I commented. If we are talking about a surging stock market, which might be a short-lived and synthetic phenomenon , yes. But going by the same yard-stick was India shining while Harshad Mehta was reigning? India is not shining because our exports have suddenly amassed, but because of the fact […]

Resonating Jibes: 1

In this series of posts I will try and include quotes from various sources which match my own views. Here is the first in the series. Vir Sanghvi quips, “Vajpayee's stature blinds us to the reality of the BJP. Take him out of the equation and what do you have: a party composed of people […]

Back to square 1?

If you read my post “Living in wonderland” notice the word “backtrack” that I used there. Devoid of spine, politicians have been known, since ages, to create artificial frenzy to fool people: the til-gud1 factor, cute mini-budget full of goodies, all-is-well on Indo-Pak front (aka Hindi-Paki bhai-bhai), Vajpayee is BJPs undisputed leader (backstabbing noise in […]