IndiBlogs seem to be bitten by lethargy mites. Jivha quit blogging and I myself has not been averse to the burnout. Last month was pretty hectic and brought along upheavals that shook me up completely. When I joined my last employer I was convinced that now I want to settle down there. I and my wife had also developed a liking for the city, Tanmay was born here, but just when I expected it least, the scheme of things changed and as destiny would have it I am now with new friends, at a new work place and a new city to live-in, a city where I have been many times before but never actually thought of putting my foot down at. I guess I needed to take this challenge (it might seem like one at my age), for when I feel settled I also feel scared.

Meanwhile, I am content to have finished the Chittha Vishwa (Hindi for Blog World) project, a different kind of aggregator for Hindi blogs before I left Indore. I am also happy that Hindi blogdom took it nicely. I look forward to the continued bonhomie in the Hindi blogdom.

Ahh, and since I have not been jotting down much for last 2-3 months anyway, I need not say that blogging will be low, especially owing to the limited connectivty I now have. There is more to life than blogging I guess 😉