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IFrame Widget for WordPress

WordPress Sidebar Widgets have been the latest buzz in the blogdom. Indeed these Widgets elevate WordPress’ standing among the blogwares and encourage community to contribute to the project. With Sidebar widgets, things have become as easy as drag and drop, though you would need “widget compliant” themes. I still wish WordPress had done something with the widgets, the Logahead way, eliminating the need of an admin console altogether, though many would disagree with me saying Logahead is too simplistic to compare, and I may even agree to that argument.

The great part about Widgets is that developing them would be pretty straightforward. No wonder so many widgets have started popping up, they had to create a directory of sorts. Which brings me to the one I created in a jiffy.

Click here to get the IFrame Widget from WordPress Plugins Directory.

This simple IFrame widget can display any external HTML page inside an HTML IFrame component. The need came from the Hindi Tagcloud JSP that I had once created for Chittha Vishwa and I always thought that there should be some way to display that page on my blog (if you are as lazy to edit your blog theme files, you would agree with me).

If you would like to use the Widget the very first thing to do would be to make your Blog Widget ready. Then you can download the IFrame Widget code from WordPress Plugins Directory, and drop it inside the wp-content/plugins folder of your WordPress installation. Once you activate the “My IFrame Widget” plugin you are ready to use it as shown below. The Width, Height and of course the URL are configurable in the Widget.

Deploying the widget:

Widget Drag and Drop
To deploy the Widget simply Drag and Drop as shown.

Configuring the widget:

Widget Drag and Drop
Next you must configure the Widget. Supply the Title, width, height and the URL of the page that should be displayed inside the IFrame.

The widget in action:

Widget Drag and Drop
An IFrame widget in action on the blog sidebar.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page comes without any warranty whatsoever. Use it at your own risk.


  1. Doug

    The IFRAME widget works great, thanks. How can I disable the border?

  2. download and install into my new site with wordpress 2.1. Seem like cant work on lastest version of wordpress…. or else i must be miss something.

    hope for a new updates soon. thanks

  3. Jim

    I just downloaded this widget. It works very well in the sidebar. But I had a similar request as Roger. How would I call this widget in a WP Page?

  4. Roger

    Could you modify your iframe plug-in in order to use it on the center page, not only on the right or lesf column??

    A mean a real i-frame where whatever is clicked on the iframe center page, is always shows inside that same iframe?

    Example a forum. You want to post, you click on th post link, you go to the postingpage BUT you are still inside te iframe, meaning top,left, right, footer of Word Press are surrounding all the time the forum page.

    Better, the plugin could offer you thse options:
    shows or not the left column
    shows or not the right column
    shows or not the header
    shows or not the footer

    That would be great!