Null Pointer moves to its own home

I recently moved to my own domain and after migrating the blog to WordPress (read this post to know how I managed to do that) I simply dropped a note here at JRoller to let know my readers who still come here. For the email subscribers I simply changed the feed URL. Today it struck me that some of you also read me through newsreaders and you guys would probably never know unless I tell you through the feed about the migration, so this is the last post at JRoller.

Null Pointer now resides at Bloglines subscribers can click here to subscribe to the feed. For others, the blog has a RSS as well as an Atom Feed, please subscribe to the one you like. My hindi blog NuktaChini may be read here.

Thanks and see you at my new home.

By Debashish Chakrabarty

Debashish Chakrabarty, a Software Consultant based at Pune, has been on the Internet since the “geocities” days but opened his Blogger account in October 2002. Apart from this blog he also maintains a Hindi blog NuktaChini.

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