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Can Mukesh Ambani control Free Wikipedia?

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Recently while adding some information (link to a Hindi Podcast that dwelled on the subject of the first stone pelting student at the “Reliance Fresh” outlet at Ranchi) to the English Wikipedia article Reliance Fresh I came across a user “Ril editor” who would repeatedly delete my entry. The user is apparently a worker of Mukesh Ambani who keeps an eye on anything “malicious” towards the company and promptly deletes it. When conveyed to an administrator no action has been taken so far.

I doubt Mr Ambani has any idea about what Wikipedia stands for? If he had, he wouldn’t probably have hired people to bully around on the largest free wiki on the earth.

Here is the what the profile of the said user proclaims adamantly on Wikipedia:

This id is being used by the Chairman’s office (Office of Mr. Mukesh D Ambani) at Reliance Industries Limited from Mumbai – India. Information updated from this ID should not be changed or removed as the information from this ID originates from Mr. Mukesh Ambani’s office and will be authentic.

By Debashish Chakrabarty

Debashish Chakrabarty, a Software Consultant based at Pune, has been on the Internet since the “geocities” days but opened his Blogger account in October 2002. Apart from this blog he also maintains a Hindi blog NuktaChini.

3 replies on “Can Mukesh Ambani control Free Wikipedia?”

gr8 that u understand this debashish (without being employee of India’s No. 1 pvt sector company)…
you must realize MDA’s unlimited (and excessive) efforts to maintain the company’s brand image…. btw wish there was RTI in private sector too 🙁

Mukesh is just acting silly and naive… by now he should have understood what this MTN deal will mean to India as a whole. however his disregard towards the benifits with the sole intention to derail this project just proves his business sense and ethics. besides with MTN now extending the exclusivity period Mukesh should definitely think again and withdraw….

the mtn deal with rcom is certainly something. i hope that this will come true and uplift the flagging india telecom industry. the only problem here is Mukesh. he’s like a perpetual thorn in Anil’s side, no matter where Anil goes or what he does Mukesh is just two steps behind to poke him.

mukesh if you know even a squat of business sense you will pull back unless you want to fund your new billion dollar house construction with the spoils you derive from this war. apart from this its really disheartening to see such naive sibling rivalry.

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