Has Google discontinued Adsense on Hindi sites?

Google PSAHas Google discontinued showing Adsense Ads on pages written in languages other than English? My Hindi blog has been showing PSAs since last day and some of the Ad blocks are showing empty. Few other Hindi bloggers also noted the issue. Strangely, the advertisements still show up fine on a few pages, for example this page on my other site Hindi blogs directory. Hindi has not been in the list of official languages for Adsense however they has started showing Ad links in Hindi and Gujarati, which has been a great motivator for the rise of Indian language content on the net, especially people blogging in Indian languages. Lately even the Ads by Google disclaimer text was being shown in Hindi.

Have Hindi and other non-English pages being excluded from Adsense or are these signs of any new service or improvement in the service by Google? If it’s the former I would be really sad.

Update: Could this be the reason?

By Debashish Chakrabarty

Debashish Chakrabarty, a Software Consultant based at Pune, has been on the Internet since the “geocities” days but opened his Blogger account in October 2002. Apart from this blog he also maintains a Hindi blog NuktaChini.

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Yes thats true. Google Adsense has deserted Gujarati and Hindi languages pages since two days. Famous popular Gujarati website DeshGujarat.Com ‘s all pages where with Gujarati content are deserted by adsense. However it is interesting that on every page that has English content is still served by Google Adsense. I am giving example of this site because it is Gujarati-English mix site and therefore worth example to understand Google Adsense behavior towards vernacular language policy for ads content in particular in the case of North Indian languages.

I think Google Adsense has not deserted Gujarati or Hindi websites as whole but their Gujarati/Hindi language content pages. Interestingly on DeshGujarat.Com some pages with least Gujarati content and majority English language content are intact with service of Google Adsense. So adsense doesn’t mind for some Gujarati content.

Google should not kill the zeal of blogging in vernacular languages of India. In India most of the states with their own language and culture are bigger and more populated than most of the nations in the world.

I thought this would be interesting and shared.

Just after adding Hindi in its translation service, we can hope some improvment in adsense favour of Hindi Sites/blogs. Meanwhile Adsense site is down tonight for maintanace.

I hope its only a glitch or a temporary problem Amit. BTW, advised by a blogger friend, I also tried editing my Ad setting and choosing “Fill with color” option instead of “Showing PSA” when no relevant ads, but that didn’t work either. Though it works on your sandbox, my Hindi blog shows big white patches for the ad spots.

I don’t think Google discontinued ads in Hindi but it could be a temporary glitch in their system.

For instance, if I type this blog address in AdSense Sandbox and select India from the country drop-down, I see lot of ads in Hindi.

See screenshot on Flickr.

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