Though some have been grumbling right from its launch I think the new initiative of a community place is a welcome step. Moreover, I think the fact that it is “blessed by SUN” will add to the likelihood of it becoming the “new central meeting place”. Now, I don’t wish to undermine the feeling here that the other existing communities should not be ignored in the effort. However, its still early days to comment on its outcome.

And I am very optimistic on all this development. As Sun Director Ingrid Hoogen told  Sue Spielman:

The Developer community needs to feel cool again. It’s time to get excited and bring the energy level back up and the infusion back in the community.

I am also looking forward to the new tool, code-named Project Rave, which is intended to make writing enterprise Java applications  easier for developers using the JavaServer Faces technology.

Another new site has a catchy look and rightly intended to “appeal to the masses” and attract them to the stronghold. The new Java logo looks pretty nice too. This, together with the “Java Powered” branding campaign may or may not surface as the heralding of a new era but it certainly is a new chapter in Java. A chapter well begun.