Chugs makes this restrained comment on Bollywood actress Mallika's much hyped wardrobe at Cannes.

Not only are “those things” fake, she has managed to push them up to her nose! Whom is she trying to fool? We all know gravity exists on Earth.

Very apt Chugs! IMHO, Mallika actually succeeded at what Simi Garewal and Rekha tried one time and failed at. The best part is, she does not want to show herself off as “beauty with brains”. For the men beauty generally exists much below where the brain is situated. The lady knows the power of oomph, you may have it (if size matters, Huma Khan probably had a better pair) but it needs guts to flaunt it. However, I still think the much talked about wardrobe was “too much skin”, what many agree to. I would have liked her to reveal a little and flaunt her confidence more, a thing she possesses in plenty.