Caution: This is a piece that I wrote in Nov 2000 for the light-hearted journal of my the then employer. Its full of usual jokes and PJs and probably doesn’t deserve a read, now. So why is it being carried here after 9 long years? Well because Yahoo geocities is shutting its shop and these articles had to be saved for eternity 🙂  Bear with me!

They say that life begins at forty. May be that’s true, but everything else starts to wear out or fall out. Why, I’m still too young to consider that, but God knows why, I feel like getting older than my age. Premature..err..ageing?

cinkaraSo you ask what evidence? Mere faazil dost..there are three signs of old age. The first is loss of memory, the other two..I forget. The case is not so serious though like some of my other friends who sometimes find themselves on the landing of the stairs and can’t remember whether they were on their way up or way down.

So what does a married man like me who took to his heel from his 6 years young ‘illustrious’ sales career grunting over in IT with colleagues fit to address him ‘uncle’. Uncle sam? Or the temptation to surf the Net (that ultimately lets you gain so much weight, because at almost every site they give you a “Cookie”) or was it the inability to decide regarding ‘com’ or zyada. The decision to jump in the IT-bandwagon, clever or not, apna raam thinks with Rayben clarity that philhaal work is a lot less fun-and fun is a lot more work (so now you know folks why I did a bunk from parties and never even stroll in the vicinity of Basketball stadium). Imman se, is umra main caution is the only thing I care to exercise.

Still people envy me? I could smell that! They feel that girls flock me. Trust this bhaisaab, one should start realizing that he is getting older when the girls at the office started confiding in him. And you thought.. shiv..shiv..shiv..

So back to the issue of me feeling that I have arrived the stage of taking longer to rest than to get tired. Boss, it’s been ages when I stopped growing at both ends (and begun to grow in the middle). Frankly I never have had this choice of two temptations and choosing the one that will get me home earlier. But you know which one I would have chosen. Reason perhaps, half of the guys who shake hand with me in morning will complain “Arre tu itna dheela kyon rehta hai yaar?”

May God forgive the nadaans for the folly of not their own because even I wake up with that morning-after feeling, while I didn’t do anything the night before. So that’s it guys! It’s a pity you are compelled to cope up with a veteran. But remember even Microsoft gives DOS with windows. When you can have faith in India winning a gold in next Olympics at least I can expect a bit for for now please note that tomorrow I may be late because meri kamar mein dard hai..Ouch..