With a BJP led government at the center, it was all “Your wish is my command” for ASI.

On 25th the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), a government organization, reported to the high court that its excavations at the disputed site at Ayodhya found distinctive features of a 10th century temple beneath the Babri Mosque site. Oh wow! So it was indeed a temple, eh! As we did not know already what ASI report would eventually say. The Sangh is, understandably, all balle-balle, terming the report as the vindication of its stand while the main plaintiff in the case, Haji Hashim Ansari, said many Islamic relics too were found during the excavation. I wonder what BJP would achieve out of this. Will this affect the court's decision, what about the claims of the plaintiff. How is this going to add pace to the case? Cases like this cannot ever be solved by courts.

With a BJP led government at the center, it was all Your wish is my command for ASI but at least I expected some honesty from these guys. In an in-camera excavation mockery away from the vigilant eyes of the media the report had been scripted much-much earlier. In 1949 Hindu idols were sneaked inside the Babri mosque, but that happened in the dead of night. The ASI report has done this shameful deed in broad-daylight. BJP has fallen further in my eyes.

OK, leaving alone the question of competency of ASI people, let's assume that the report is perfectly genuine. So what Mr.Advani, is the razing of Babri Mosque justified now? Should we proceed on a demolition spree for all those monuments that were built in medieval times atop demolished religious structures? Will this sanctify the wrong-doings of the history?

Vandals are despite of anything, vandals. Whether they are the Talibans who bomb-shelled the Bamiyan structures or the RSS/BJP led mob that gleefully brought down the Babri structure. What is next then on the hidden agenda, the Taj Mahal?