Meandering ways: keeps on coming

Strange are the ways of Google! Here is another compilation of some of the funny referrers I got in past few months (typos are deliberate): b a t h n i g secnes from indian cinema aruna irani mother tongue Singh and spam and false name email addresses of tractors management officers in india what […]

TV and social obligations

Talking of Television in the Indian context there are clearly two divisions. On one side there is the state-owned Doordarshan (DD) and on the other lies the herd of satellite TV channels. The distinction off course is in the very way they function. DD has been, traditionally,  the mouth-piece of the ruling party, serving its filthy […]

When DD animated our lives!

I had my childhood nourishment of entertainment from Vividh Bharati and Doordarshan so this post of Turbanhead revived old memories. The “Ek Anek” short animation film was targeted at National integration and was used as filler by DD at that time and, thanks to the fact that satellite TV wasn’t even there, was immensely popular. […]

Mirrror, Mirror of my blog

Chakra provided this cool link that creates a mirror of your website, literally. Though I already have a mirror at blogspot, have a look at the one created by this trick. Now the trick is adding “” to the domain name of your URL .

Meandering ways, again

Whenever I encounter any strange behaviour on my referrer list (which, thanks to Paris Hilton, are no more public now) I usually add it to my list of “funny referers”. Here is the latest list for you to savor, my favorite being the Neena Gupta one 😉 aircrafts videos crashedWhy do singletons prefer Mumbai? “indian […]

Blogs dramatized!

Ye duniya ek rangmanch hai Babu-moshai! (the world is a theatre, my dear bong). How can our blogs be less theatrical then! Alok pointed to this ingenious site that adds that quintessential spice of melodrama to your blog. Just type your URL here and your blog is hilariously converted to a Hollywood screenplay, instantly. Samples? […]