From their individualistic approach blogs have already emerged as a potent combined force with group blogs and the communities woven around them. Now some thought is being given perhaps to projecting it as your personal space that you would like to share with others, what they term as “social networking”. Audio, Photo and Mo-blogging had occupied a niche space. I am noticing a deliberate discussion on advent of media rich blogs like Bubbler.

I was recently startled to see my geocities sites shrunken to almost 70% of their existence with the hitherto popup Yahoo adverstiments proudly proclaiming the rest of the space. No, there is no X button around to close them. It gave an indication about Yahoo's lost interest in the static pages containing family pictures and recipes. Yahoo 360 degrees proves this apprehension. With Yahoo foraying into the blogging scene, I am unable to comprehend which way it is heading on to. Like Bubbler here too the USP is usage of all kinds of media and sharing them with friends, family and acquaintance. Blogger's individual space is going to be stalked soon.

Update: I think I overlooked that Yahoo does provide the option to shrink, if not close, the advertisement panes at geocities.