My tête-à-tête with EJB was not pleasant. Though involved in server-side development I have never been into developing end-to-end J2EE applications using EJB. Despite of joining a crash course it scared me. Many fellow Java developers would perhaps agree: conceptually, EJB seemed intimidating. It seems Sun Microsystems has now awoken to the fact as well.

Sun’s efforts to augment the number of Java developers from the existing 3 million today to 10 million will emphasize on “easier development”. Rich Green, vice president of tools at Sun says:

“..we’ll focus on enhancements to the Java platform that cater to simpler development paradigms..Ease of development is a theme at all levels, not just tools, but APIs, platform definitions, etc. are all trending to support this notion in a more focused sense…you would agree that there (are) millions of folks out there who are not necessarily creating J2EE-scalable applications. They’re creating lightweight applications. That’s a group of individuals that have been slower to come to the Java platform than others…”

Better late than never!