So u got a good memory, huh?

PayPal Login Screen GrabVery few organisations would go out of the way to provide additional facilities to their customers. Obviously Paypal is one such organisation. It gives you the facility to, guess what, forget your password. So if you were too proud of having an elephant's memory, accept the challenge 😉

4 Replies to “So u got a good memory, huh?”

  1. You may not be fond of American English (neither am I), but as any other language that is alive, it may and will evolve. This may be considered an example of Californian English, where intonation may replace syntactical expression. And there’s reduction at work, too. What they really mean is: “Did you forget..?” But obviously this dialog is not worth such lengthy sentences.

  2. 🙂 … it seems that it can also make you forget your email address. As a future UI enhancement they could add a Forget-button and a dropdown including:
    – Your name
    – Your address
    – Your wallet
    – Your wifes birthday

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