Zulfikar has this interesting post on Sleep. We all know that different people need different amount of sleep. But managing its is certainly an art. During my college days when trying to have a siesta in my hostel room was next to impossible due to the noise and disturbances around, while my room partner would sleep like a log. I always need a calm surrounding to fall asleep but that’s perfectly not the case with my 9-month old Tanmay. He can sleep any time he wants and can remain awake (and consequently keep his mother awake too) for reasons unknown, be it the wee hours of  morning or midnight. I remember having read somewhere, “People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.”

sleepyI have been fond of sleeping and have been cursed for it by my mother, to add to disgrace I ahev been a night owl and a late riser. Mother would often term me Kumbhakarna (a mythological figure from the great Indian epic Ramayana and brother of demon king Ravana, who was known to sleep for months together).

Of course, that comparison doesn’t hold true any more. Now I don’t get time to sleep that long and at will.  Those longings for an afternoon nap have never been fulfilled since I started working. Ironically when I would be having some time for that on a Sunday, if I am lucky enough, I wouldn’t  be able to.

Whatever sleep one can manage to get during a day, studies such as this always scare you by telling that long periods nights of little sleep – fewer than six hours a night – can impair a person’s mental performance as much as not getting a wink for two nights in a row. If only I could decide how much I would sleep.

[Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24175071@N00/6863706929]