Roller metamorphosis

Hey! I logged in to this morning and was taken aback to be redirected to Whatever be the reasons for the overnight change I am worried about few things. What happens to my old blog URL? Will the users be redirected to my new blog URL even if they type the old one (atleast this happens now) always? Secondly what happens to the RSS feed of my blog, must I change the URL everywhere (javablogs, feedster,, such a pain.. As a blogger who migrated from I hope I do not have to repent on the decision to have my blog here.

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  1. Thanks Rick, that was reassuring. I think your other comments (made at will also dispel aprehensions, if any, about the bloggers “required” to write on Java. Like many bloggers out here I too write (and would write) on Java but that is not(and would not be) the sole topic I choose. The least courtesy I would expect from JRoller is to allow the blogger to backup his posts whenever you would like to “shut-down” some blogger or stop the free service altogether. All in all I go ahead with my conviction “whatever happens happens for good”.

  2. Debashish, it’s certainly our intention for the plethora of names that pointed into this service to continue to deliver your readers to the right place. We’d like to see the standard usage converge on the official name to limit ongoing confusion. Meanwhile, if something fails to work just let us know and we’ll look into what is failing.


  3. Thanks Matthew. Your reply solaced me a bit. BTW when you say “All your old stuff will continue to work” does that include the RSS feeds?

  4. No worries! Its just a name change and an improvement in service as JL works more closely with Roller developers to improve this server. The old domain still works and will be redirected automatically to this new one via mod_rewrite. All your old stuff will continue to work and it will be seamless 🙂

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