It's really fascinating to see the amount of blogging Indians do now a days. The list is growing by the hour and it is difficult to even try have a peek on each. Interesting factor is that the posts are now being less narcissist and more of essays and general commentries expressing concers over recent happenings. Bloggers like Jivha try jotting commentries on various facets of Indian life inside ingeniously created categories (with some following suit). One also feels good when a particular post  reverberates in unison with another. While the narrative styles differ and perfection is not ubiquotous, all the bloggers seem committed to blogging regularly, with many writers using a pen name instead of their real names. Many of the blogs have very interesting Indian names like Jivha, Vritti, Ek saadhe sab sadhe. Some have even taken the pains to summarizing all the blogs on their blogroll.

Bloggers like Niraj keep an eye on Foreign affairs while those alike Amit present straightforward observations in a tangy mix of Hindi and English. While people like me may be content with free services like Freeroller, bloggers like Jivha and Mahesh infact spend few bucks on the hosting services too (old timer Anita is planning to move also, I hear). All in all, a healthy Indian blogosphere!