Recently a reader posted a comment wondering what a post like this was doing on Javablogs. I apologise for that. When I signed up at Freeroller I was not aware that they had this facility of having category-wise RSS feeds. Moreover, problem was, Javablogs does not allow you to change the RSS feed URL (some problem with their aggregator I suppose). Adding a new feed was to make sure it pops up on the new blogs list which might have annoyed many. Anyway, it was a decision time and I have now changed the feed URL at Javablogs and only my posts on Technlogy will show up there. While this seemed easy, it took me more than 40 minutes to set the feed right, and this has been happening since many months on my main RSS feed too due to the notorious “ ”. All my RSS XMLs go haywire if I have this space character in my post. I had to manually edit all my previous posts in this category one by one to remove these to correct the XML. Do you get this error too?

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