Indic Blogger Awards

Raman informs that Microsoft's BhashaIndia, a portal on Indic language computing featuring the Microsoft solutions, is coming up with its “Indic Blogger Award” for blogs in Indian languages. Boasting of eight categories with 11 Indic languages in the fray this sure will provide the necessary boost to bloggers like us. Wonder if they owe the idea to the Indibloggies that is the first Indian weblog awards to concentrate on Indic blogs also. Microsoft is also sponsoring two prizes at the Indibloggies 2005.

The Indibloggies 2005 edition BTW has started with a whopping 28 member Jury to rate the nominated blogs. Nominations would be done using Delicious this year and a detailed notification will follow on 15 Dec at the Indibloggies website. Like last year, there has been a tremendous response from the sponsors with prizes worth more than INR 50000 to be claimed.

South Asian earthquake victims: You can also help

Quake ReliefOnly when a natural calamity strikes we realize our limitations. In the recent earthquake that struck India and Pakistan thousands lost their lives and still more await help in the strenuous weather conditions that will only worsen in the wake of ensuing winter. Desipundit is the flag-bearer of a unique initiative by the Indi-blogdom that will hopefully spread awareness about the plight of the residents of the affected regions and encourage people to donate. Please click on the picture alongside to know how you can contribute. Thanks!

No IT Returns for salaried people. Really?

When it is the Government on the other side, nothing comes to you without the fine print. I came across this interesting comment by a reader on FM’s announcement that the “Salaried class would not be required to file Income Tax returns from next year on provided there was no income from any other source”.

A reader Sharad C. Misra quipped

“the Finance Minister’s statement is confusing. There would be no salaried person who does not have “Income from Other Sources” under Section 56(1) of the I.T. Act which includes interest on Fixed Deposits, Bonds, Saving Bank account etc. Thus, the exemption would benefit only those who do not have even a Savings Bank account. We think that such a character would be a rarity in India!