BBM on Nuktachini

As the baton is passed by Ek Cup chai!, my Hindi blog, Nuktachini becomes the first indic blog to host the Bharteeya Blog Mela. Nominations are being invited for BBM's 37th edition. Blog posts written by Indians on Indian topics during December 7 – 10 can be nominated for the mela. This blog had the privilege to host mela once, you […]

Savings vs consumerism

With my investments I have been hitherto happily content, alike one third of Indian population, keeping the perils of share-bazaar out of the purview. A recent print article by Vishnudutt Nagar provoked me to wonder on the irony of this. People like me who rely on small-saving schemes, saving accounts and term-deposits have been of […]

An NRI's plea for cleanliness

Through one of my sites on Amitabh Bachchan I keep on receiving occassional feedback. Many of the readers write to me presuming I am in contact with the megastar. Some are ardent fans like me and write essays in his praise. A mail I recently received from one Satpal Mehra, an NRI living in Austria, […]

What is Real development?

By 2020 India will be a developed nation. Good for us, if the prophecy comes true. But then, what would be the state of the economy (or “new economy” as the term goes), education and employment then? One never notices murky media raise such issues, actually only a handful of people talk about it publicly. […]

Whither Development!

Renowned sociologist and scientist Prof.Yashpal was in town few days back. He is one of the few people who have the straight-forwardness to oppose the education and examination system in India. “Education is not about cramming, you cannot learn science by mugging equations, you have to touch it to get the feel”, said the Professor. […]

Bhopal: The struggle goes on

It's been 19 years since the Lethal Methyl Isocyanate gas from Union Carbide (now Dow Chemicals) struck disaster at Bhopal, the worst ever industrial havoc in the history of mankind. Images such as the one here had shook the whole world as more than 20 thousand peopel have lost their lives and more than a […]