No IT Returns for salaried people. Really?

When it is the Government on the other side, nothing comes to you without the fine print. I came across this interesting comment by a reader on FM’s announcement that the “Salaried class would not be required to file Income Tax returns from next year on provided there was no income from any other source”. […]

Interesting findings

MIT Media Laboratory has this interesting Survey going on, click the image to take it. Though the results would change as more and more people take the survey, here are some interesting findings on the Blogging scenario: There are more female bloggers than male (did you expect that?) While people started blogging as early as […]

Going Sudoku!

They say Newspapers are the reflection of the society and I tend to agree. Last few years have seen the altered focus in news presentation in Print and electronic media, favoring crisper and quicker coverage rather than detailed next day coverage. Whilst we may have anticipated that the print media would focus more on news […]

Anti Coke campaign gathers momentum

We hear haughty talks of decentralization and “power to the people” through the Panchayati Raj but it seems that the MNCs and even the Indian courts think otherwise. I once wrote about a High Court order that allowed Coke to resume production at its Plachimada, Kerala plant despite of the village council objections. It is ludicrous […]

Those things

Chugs makes this restrained comment on Bollywood actress Mallika's much hyped wardrobe at Cannes. Not only are “those things” fake, she has managed to push them up to her nose! Whom is she trying to fool? We all know gravity exists on Earth. Very apt Chugs! IMHO, Mallika actually succeeded at what Simi Garewal and […]

Tremors in life

20 minutes back, my chair at the 5th floor of my office building was shaking, I realized it was a tremor when some of my colleagues started rushing towards the exit. The water bottle on my table was still trembling when we left. News says Maharashtra had felt it. 10 minutes later the building was […]