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How to benefit from an assasination!

If you were tired of those emails from widows of Nigerian tribal kings promising quick fortune, here is one that landed in my Inbox that can help you benefit from an assassination:

I am Nahid Khan the personal assistant to the late two time prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto. I am assume you are aware of the sad event that occurred during our campaign in the month of December last year when Benazir Bhutto was assassinated, I am not writing you to discuss the former prime minister’s assassinations but to lay a proposal that will benefit you and I.Please if you are interested email me at my personal email address : I will go into details as soon as i have your response.

With great anticipation I await your response.

Ingenious! And and we thought only Mr ’10 percent’ Zardari benefited cent percent from this 😉

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Video: India Independence Day Parade at NY

Priyanka Chopra in the Parade

New York celebrates India Day each year in the weekend following the 15th August, India’s Independence day. The celebrations involve a grand parade and cultural programme, the parade takes place on Madison Avenue between 23rd and 41st street. Today I attended the Independence day parade and you could see glimpses through the video I uploaded. Bollywood heart-throb Priyanka Chopra was this years Grand Marshall, unfortunately I could just capture a glimpse of her on my camera.

The parade itself was more of advertising podium with companies ranging from Kingfisher, Sahara, Zee to pushing their products, and yes the Religion & Spiritualism shops were also there. I heard only a few songs with Nationalistic flavor, even those limited them to RDB. By the time the parade concluded the road and sidewalks were full of pamphlets, newspapers and Indian flags. And as soon as the parade ended I was impressed to see the sanitation squad come in. They removed the barricades and cleaned up the road within minutes. Probably this is what makes America what it is.

And here are some more pictures:

DSC00324_edited DSC00321_edited DSC00278_edited DSC00295_edited DSC00296_edited DSC00301_edited
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Bird Flu strikes again?

You may have noticed a sarkari advertisement doing the rounds on the Indian tele for almost two weeks now. The advertisement shows a sutradhaar along with a chicken puppet urging people to alert the government of any cases of unnatural death of chicken. It did alarm me coz there was no buzz in the newspapers or the news channels about it. Evidently the lesson that the government has learnt from past episodes of Bird Flu and Chicken Guinea cases is to keep mum. Such news obviously affects the Poultry industry, the demand for packaged and ready to use products has been on steady rise in urban sector many of these are chicken based. Big names such as Godrej and Venky’s are associated with the trade, so it’s a matter of millions of rupees.

It’s scary that the Government decided to announce only on 20th March that India too faces the risk of Avian flu. Neighboring Bangladesh has gone for wide-scale culling operations consequent to the spread of the H5N1 virus. I recall that even last time Venky’s people had paid heavilt to the poultry farms to prevent the news of dying livestock reaching the media, there was evident pressure that they had put on the government as well to let the sales of chicken product continue unhindered. Venky’s head also happened to be the president of the National Egg Coordination committee so the Eggs were being sold liberally as well. When the matter subsided a bit bollywood biggies Sanjay Dutt and Sunil Shetty were roped in an expensive ad campaign to preach that everything is well with the poultry.

It’s not difficult to guess that the money hungry companies and an irresponsible government don’t give a damn about the health of its consumers. The only way out for us consumers then is to exercise all the precaution.