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Guest post on Nukta Chini

“Nice guy” Hemanth kindly agreed to do a guest post this fortnight for my Hindi blog. Do read it here.Thanks Hemanth!

Ethnic blogging and Bangla

If any award were to be given for regional language blogs in India, I have little doubt that the Tamil Blogs would emerge as the deserving winners. Just look at their magnitude. I am not aware exactly how many of them are in Unicode but I believe that majority of them are. Apart from opening-up...

Oddvani and the eno-effect

The PM to be, L.K.Odd-vani is a great movie buff and like most stereotypical Hindi film characters is a hopeless blusterer. In last many posts I had talked about his and BJP's poll strategy of passing the Indo-Pak friendship lollypop to the minorities and the feel-good lollypop to the majority urban masses. This, he hopes,...

Pre poll deception

Praful Bidwai writes in his column about BJP's poll strategy: Vajpayee must pave the way for the 2 per cent-rating man to take over. The BJP knows Advani is like Dick Cheney, equally devious, but more rabble-rousing and demagogic, who cannot match Bush's ratings. Therefore, gullible sections of the public and the BJP's upper middle-class...