Man I love this news aggregator FeedDemon. First of all the GUI is lovely and then the features are exactly what you need: Channel Groups to classify you feeds (and moving channels amongst the group is easy), facility to synchronise your list with an online one or simply use somebody else's subscription list in OPML format, the Group Newspaper with browser integration, auto-discovery and verification of feeds and so on. I must say though I loved Bloglines (being an online tool) managing the feeds list, once it grows beyond 10-15, becomes clumsy there, especially adding a new feed. In my last spell I had tried FeedReader and Blogstreet's Info Aggregator but the hiccup with both was they would not work behind proxy. In the latter case having email links to stories, umm.. perhaps is not a very pretty idea. For the impatient there is big list of news aggregators here.