Overdoing the Anna Hazare thing?

Aren’t we really overdoing this Anna Hazare thing? I mean, OK there is a civic society, it made its recommendations on the Lokpal draft but the government differed and passed their own version. Tomorrow, the parliament may pass a similar or a different bill. But let’s face it, ultimately its the parliament that has the “rights” to do it, we cannot allow a herd of people to dictate how laws should be made in this country, though they are free to suggest.

Haven’t we ignored such herds before? (remember demands of referendum/freedom?). If Anna’s group is able to arm-twist a government, then tomorrow we should be ready for other such “civic societies” coming up with their own sets of demands, we are opening a pandora’s box really. Imagine the mining mafia coming in thousands and forcing a reinstatement of their favorite leader. IMHO, it should be OK in a democratic setup to debate, oppose, resist, pressurize against, differ or agree with other’s views but we cannot ignore that ultimately the laws should be made by the elected representatives of the nation and not by the members of society, who lead but won’t contest elections to join active politics. When they are sitting on the fence we don’t even know which political party/ideology they might be representing, or whose business interests might be behind them. Why is not a single MP or MLA part of Anna’s team? (we cannot just say that none o the politicians want this bill, that’s an easy way out. Anna’s team should have the capability to convince the parliamentarians, they cannot wage a war to get their things done.)

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  1. @Prem: nice to hear from you after so long. I agree that Anna has the advantage, he is a true Gandhian, a respected civilian and an honest guy (remember, so is Manmohan Singh). Its true that others may not get the popular support, as Anna does. My argument is only that Anna’s team should really not try to deceive the aam janata by saying that whatever the parliament drafts would make a “weak” Lokpal. Frankly speaking, how many of us understand what real Lokpal bill is except perhaps what bodies should come under its ambit. We had the CBI, CVC since ages, adding another body like a Lokpal would not cure corruption with a magic wand. Why not Anna’s team takes the opposition in confidence and create the pressure through elected representatives? At least, that way we will be sure of having a political will behind it. I find it fishy that no political party has pledged support or this team, why? That all are “corrupt” would not be a very convincing argument for that.

  2. Debuda, What can be said now is, not all “Civil Societies” will get this kind of mass support.

    The Corruption’s Pandora Boxes will really open IF and only IF a strict law is there. Even they don’t make the law, this society will prove to be great pressure group for lawmakers(irrespective of political parties). The backbone is their strong willpower (also proven profile) for the change.

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