Google coop has been their platform to solicit public participation in refining the Google search results. The latest addition to the stable is the Customized Search Engine apparatus. It is on the lines of Rollyo and ScoopGo but with Google results, the search is surely guaranteed to be powerful and exclusive.

I could now stop myself from playing a bit with it and I created “Chittha Khoji” (Hindi for Hindi blog explorer) that would search the Hindi blog aggregator Narad and Chittha Charcha a Hindi blog review site that I am part of. I think the collaboration theme is quite evident in the effort and anyone can solicit volunteer contribution to their engines, Google marker is there to quickly add sites. The Site look and feel is customizable though I noticed that it does not accepts Unicode yet.

And there is much more. You can create the complete engine using XML and can even AJAXify it using their API. Refinements allow you to allow labels to filter the search results; again, Unicode characters weren’t being supported yet. So English is what would work now, I hope other languages would be supported soon.

Here is a glimpse of search results from “Chittha Khoji” 🙂

Customized Hindi Blog Search Engine